Sunday, February 12, 2012


How long i never update my blog??half year??five months!
sigh,nearly forgot my bloggie.......
this is the life after spm 'lifeless' :(
seriously,i miss school time soo muchhh,especially when in the class,rocking around,cocking around with friends,4s4-5s4 <3
SPM is over,3 months?? oh yeahh,waiting for the results,#godbless
Penang and KL trip at the end of 2011 year,after spm!
should update my blog after the trip,lazy :((( Libra's humans style :pp
i am still single no doubt 'smirk' < learning someone :P
what waiting for??college life ! Tar college,parents are supporting me to study there!
what course i chose? 'Advertising = 60% Broadcasting = 20% Quantity Survey = 20% XD
always trust that no sweet without sweat,carry on study hard for bright future....

2012 !Doomsday??nobody knows...
appreciate everything,every moments,friends and family,that's what we need to do
what will happen tomorrow?no ones know,do not have worry about it .
life life life life life
love life,and wonderful life,marvelous life !
#foreveralone #likealousai #yeameh  the words we use recently :pp
valentine day on tomorrow ! will be rock with friends at Genting!
4 gentlemen 4 ladies ! everyone are single ! :DD
what i found in facebook !
Libra Humans ...




Super Duper agree with all of these! <3

Love life ! 


From now on,will often update my blog :) 


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Trial is over! SPM is around the corner! D:
Nervous of it :<
recently busy for preparing trial exam,but still not enough satisfied for my results :(
end up my trial on 20th of september,went for KL on 21th !
Family days in KL for 5 days after trial !
keep playing and photo shooting around with my parents and Kayc!
Jogoya Buffet for my 1st dinner in KL for celebrate brother birthday! fabulous buffet ever!
watched 2 movies in KL ! Johny English and Nasi Lemak 2.0 !
went for timesquare's GSC MAXX for Johny English ! Super Duper huge hall ! :D
miss the time in KL so much!:)

hmm,back to school on monday,a quite day,lots of ppl absent heee
yeshh,quite relax in class after trial exam,keep chitchatting and planing for the trip after our SPM!
expect for it :DD butt this kind of mood cant stand for a long time,SPM :(
i could study hard,study well,study smart....hmmm

I miss back the old times,with someone,is memories,shouldn't grieved for that :)
letss ready for SPM and ROCKS after it !

Here some pics in KL ! :D

Jogoya Buffer!

Yeshhh  :D

So fucking delicious ! ><

Lamborghini ! <3

Acting cute at Seoul Garden korea BBq! ;pp

dope face x)

Khui and Kayc in the house!

I-City !

is ending of september,and October is reaching ! :DDD
i love October !

27/9/2011 11.50 PM

Sunday, August 7, 2011

I always mention that the guy who always sad cz of love problem,childish,what ur age now?study la !
i am saying myself,lol,maybe u are the only one,affect me...everything of me..goshh,shouldn't be like that..
vied back ur old post,sorry that i hurt you,sorry for what i've done....
trying to focus hard on study,hmm,would I ? yes,i will!
waiting my time,my second part of life,different lifestyle ! KL ! I miss my parents ! and Kayc !
hope everything runs well,different me will arise next year !

Thursday, May 19, 2011

In This moment, miss u dam lots.
i need you badly... :(
Tears drops from a boy's   

Sunday, May 8, 2011

KL 1 day trip !

Went for Kl in the morning :D 
support my cousin and friends in the Digi live school competition final round at Timesquare :D

Da'Pop dance crew !! the best !

although they lose in the competition,but they still the best !
great job friends !!take it as experience,u guys never lose anything :)
all full + tired day !
night :)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

face everything positively,thats my life's concept ! <3
i am growing up slowly ! :D

I am happy enough that i have lots of true friends and lovely family !
love my life <3


Monday, May 2, 2011

所以一定要努力读书 :)

                                                Khui And Kayc stupid face :DD

终止路要走,人要活,很想快快读完中五,下KL做KL仔 ! :P
什么也不比开心重要,所以开心就好了 :DD

Cheer up to myself  and smile ! 

                                                          I love MAx !! :PP